Three law firms at home in the EUREGIO Meuse-Rhine, and located respectively in AACHEN, LIEGE and HEERLEN, came together in November 2000 to found LEX-EUREGIO, an association aimed at helping business partners in the region and beyond.

LEX-EUREGIO is the first association of legal practitioners of its kind in the EUREGIO.


These are the law firms which are part of LEX-EUREGIO: DELHEID SOIRON HAMMER of Aachen, FIRKET, BRANDENBERG, CRAHAY, PICHAULT & associés of Liège and THUIS & PARTNERS of Heerlen.

In December 2003 the law firm ARGUS ADVOCATEN of Hasselt has jointed the grouping.

LEX-EUREGIO can thus count on a team of almost 70 lawyers.

The purpose of LEX-EUREGIO is to foster and develop close inter-firm cooperation, with the aim of efficient coordination in facilitating the international affairs of all clients.

The close cooperation between these four law firms is founded on:

- similarity of size (roughly equivalent in terms of numbers of lawyers)

- long-standing presence in the four main geographically neighboring population centers of the EUREGIO

- a wide experience in the various branches of law relating to the world of business

- a common approach, focussed on the marriage of professional competence and the maintenance of close and personal relationships with all clients.